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Managed IT the right way

  • Managed Applications

  • Managed Databases

  • Managed Dedicated Servers

  • End User Support

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

  • Security and Compliance

  • Communication and Collaboration










Many of our peers will ask you the following questions:

1.  How many endpoints do you have?

2. How many locations do you have?


After these 2 questions they will give you an estimate on what their price will be. 


How we are different is that we ask the following:

1. What do the End Users do on a daily basis?

2. What applications are needed? 

    a. What Version are you using? 

    b. Is it the latest version?

3. What Firewall are you using?

4. Are your switches manageable?

5. Are you backing up both servers and workstations or just servers?

6. Who manages everything currently?

7. What third party vendors do you rely on and what is the SLA they provide?


This gives us a good start to identify and develop a complete solution for your company. One of the key roadblocks we see in new clients is that there is not a complete document that has all key business processes identified and documented. Additionally these processes may not have been updated in the past year or since they were created. 


Think about this question: What would you do if you had an unforseeable event and you were unable to get to your servers or desktops? How long would it take you to get back up and running? What is your Business continuity plan?


Let CHARGER keep you running at 100%. Give us a call or request a meeting and allow us to show you what we can do!






Every business needs an IT layout. Do you have yours?

ITaaS (Another Acronym!). IT as a Service is how we view our managed services. Allow us to remotely monitor and manage all IT related equipment. We managed the entire IT lifecycle from budget assistance to future and current needs identification. Ever wonder how many laptops are in the field? What servers are actually being used? What pieces of equipment have warranty left? Was the security patch applied that you just read about on Facebook? Let us handle all of those worries. 

So your email won't pull up? How much time is spent daily by your employees trying to "fix" issues that are occuring? How do you track that currently? If you don't know the amount of tickets being entered or how much time is being wasted you need to give us a call for a free consultation.  This meeting will allow us to show you reporting to make SMART decisions about not only your IT needs but your business. Many companies will deem what they think as a recurring issue as not important and not impactful but without reports how can they be sure they are making the right decision about fixing the problem or letting it continue on?

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