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Communication technologies have rapidly advanced over the last few years with advancements in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the strategy of software virtualization, and the concept of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). However, many businesses find themselves stuck with the same outdated phone systems for decades. Our NetSapiens UCaaS goes beyond your typical phones system.  We don't tell you what it can do, you tell us what you need it to do.  It's an all encompassing communication system that includes your desk phone, computer softphone, chat feature and a mobile app.  Use as little or as much of the solution as you need, the price is the same.  It's a system you can grow into and scaling is a breeze. 

Need to bring over an existing number?  No problem.  We can port almost any number that you own.  Need new numbers or want a larger presence?  We can assign numbers in almost every rate center in the continental United States giving you a national presence on a local budget.

Need E-Fax?  Receive faxes directly into your inbox.  For a small monthly fee, your office can be anywhere you are.

Contact us for a demo.

Need to sound more professional ro need to get your message out?  We have partnered with Hold Plus to provide professional music and advertising on hold as well as professional Auto Attendant scripts and annoucement messages. Click for more information.

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