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Telecommunications is very competitive in today's marketplace. All of the carriers out there want your business. The question you need to ask before choosing a provider is are they a good fit for my business. Yes, most carriers are able to provide the service that you desire but do they supply to other companies in your industry? Have there been any mass outages in the past 12 months? What was the RFO and was it published for all to review? 


What CHARGER does for you is make sure that you are getting a 100% solution for your business. Any consultant can gather all the prices from the carriers but the real reason we get compensated is we should advise you on WHY you need to go with a specific carrier. 


Next question you need to ask your telecommunications consultant is what do you do if you have an outage? Do they keep track of your tickets? Do they give you reports so in case there is a chronic issue with a carrier they can assist you in getting the issue resolved or assist you in moving to another carrier? Do they contact you and let you know there have been a large number of issues lately at a specific site and we may need to review?


At CHARGER we don't just want to give you the price. We want to give you a recommendation. Give us a call today. 


Some of the main carriers that we represent are below. 

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